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Advantages of Log Homes

  • Log homes are less expensive to build - finish it yourself - live in it - take your time.

  • Log homes will last an average of 500 years if you build them properly and take care of the foundation and the roof.

  • Log homes are natural.

  • Log homes blend into any landscape. One lady said of her log house: it looks as though God put it right there.

  • Log homes are nearly maintenance-free -more kid-proof.

  • Log homes are relatively earthquake-proof.

  • Log homes are 20 to 30% easier to heat and cool (we've experienced up to 50%).

  • Log homes are easier to build -do it yourself.

  • Log homes can be easy to repair -logs can usually be replaced if damaged.

  • Log homes which have had fires can be sandblasted and restored.

  • Log homes today have wall-to-wall carpeting, plumbing, air- conditioning, dishwashers, central vacuuming, hot tubs, built- in saunas and walk-in safes.

  • Log homes are different -no two are exactly alike.

  • They are definitely for the discriminating buyer who wants only the best.

  • Log home building can be as creative as painting a master- piece or composing a symphony and if properly cared for, could last for centuries.

  • Log homes are pre-eminently adaptable. They can be built to nearly any shape and possess a flexibility unknown to most other modes of construction. Doors and windows can be cut almost anywhere even after the building is completed, making additions quite easy to build.

  • Design flexibility and endless opportunities for owner inno- vation and self-expression are a great selling point. Most companies permit design alteration from their basic plan kits.

  • Log homes are very quiet, a paradise to music lovers. Music does not bounce off log walls and even human voices become mellower.